Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 20 May 04)

Really Bad Shows On Al Gore's New Cable TV Network

Famous Filibusters (

History of the Internet (

"Why I Lost the Election": The mini series. (

It Should've Been My West Wing ( But who do we get to play Al? Oh, I know... that guy from "Weekend at Bernie's"! Yeah, yeah, you knew it before I said it.

Saved By The Bell (that show sucks on ANY network). (

The New Jackass: With your host, Howard Dean. (

Reruns of Rush Limbaugh's old TV show ( Jake and the Fatman?

Survivor: Inside the Beltway! (

Al Gore's Hot-Tub Party with Madeline Albright (

"Joey" ( "How YOU doin'? Apparently not THAT well, huh?"


"Problems in Government" - This week's topic: The Electoral College must go. Also next week's topic, and the week after that and the. . . (

Liberal Survivor: Six people try to stay alive on an island (Manhattan) without any kind of government benefits. (

Counting for Floridians ( ONE! One, hanging Chad! Two, two hanging Chads! A-ha ha ha....

"How To Lose At a Contest When People Really Do Like You" Special Guest Star: Susan Lucci (

All the Almost-President's Men (

Point-counterpoint-REcounterpoint ( I demand a, too!

"Bill & Grace" Tuesdays, 7:00 - Series finale: Grace discovers that Bill has been lying for the last four years and that he is not, in fact, gay. (

Al on Al Jezeera Tonight! (

7:01 - 7:03 PM The Tipper Gore Music Countdown Show ( Oh man, I love The Top One!

The Gore Game Show: $100 question: He sang with Jeremy in a 60's duo. $200 question: First name of the actor who played Dr. Joe Gannon in Medical Center. $300 question: This central African country borders Libya to the North. $400 question ... (

A Nation Frustrated: An in-depth look at presidential candidates who won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote. Week 1: Al Gore Week 2: Samuel J. Tilden Week 3: to be announced ( This sounds almost as exciting as "The History Channel's" first year on the air.

Miami Vice-president (

The winners:

Next week's challenge: Being driven home by Ted Kennedy...

Political Fear Factor: Contestants eat unlabelled pills from Rush's medicine cabinet. (

Didn't this one star John Ritter, at one point?...

842 Simple Rules for being Vice President (