Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 21 Jan 04)

Really Bad Sci-Fi Romance Novel Titles

First off... Plan 69 from Outer Space... Sex Trek... Moonraper... Oh, those are bad sci-fi Porn titles, and you said ROMANCE, sorry. ( Yes, yes...some of you were highly confused as to where to draw that line we saw.

Now to the real list...

Tess of the Klingons (

The Last Starlover (

Girls Gone Wild at Star Trek Conventions: The Book ( An obvious fiction...GIRLS at a Star Trek Convention???

The Black Hole of Desire (

Dune Each Other (

Roses For My Xarparlxm ( Yeah...probably for fuel.

Beauty and the Horrible Gelatinous Blob (

Under a Forbidden Moon (or two or three) (

Wookie Whoopie ( aka, "Wookie Nookie"!

The Seven Year Itch: A Vulcan Love Story (

Look Into My Eyes, and Eyes, and Eyes (

Star Trek: Hey Trekkies, this book has dirty parts in it! ( Sssssh! You want it to SELL, don't you??

Sleepless in Uranus (

The Shiftchangers of Madison County (

Romeo and JuALIEN (

"Romantic Troubles with Tribbles" by W. Shatner. (No, I am NOT a Trekkie as I had to look up Shatner - again - to make sure it wasn't spelled with two T's. ) ( Uh huh. Nice hole you're diggin' yourself into, there.

Lost in Your Space (

The Long, Hot, Artificial Growing Season (

How Saturn Got His Rings Back (

"Cosmo"blanca ( " doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little aliens don't amount to a hill of plaspoids in this crazy galaxy." Hmmm...maybe not.

A Walk In The Oort Clouds (

Love in the Afternoon, Which Lasts a Really Long Time Since We're So Close to the Polar Cap (

It's Love Jim, but not as we know it... (

Withering Heights: A disease "strikes down" all the men in the world, making them effectively, eunuchs. Most women are glad for the time off.... and cuddling becomes an acceptable past time. (

The winners:

"Klaatu barada nookie..."

The Day The Earth Moved (

"I'll have what she and her 100-foot-tall friend are having."...

When Godzilla Met Sally (