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(updated 21 May 03)

Really Bad Things Overheard On The Set Of 'Terminator 3'

Everyone all together now...."Owww my back!" (Nearly Everyone)


Now in Terminator 4, Arnold will.... (

Mr. Schwarzenegger? It's the office of California Governor Gray Davis. You're hired. Stop shooting film. ( He's a PoliSciBorg!

It's not a tooomer! (

"Hey, Arnold!" "Arnold's not here." "Damn it, I've been waiting six years to do that!" (

Izz NOT steroids! Izz Metabololife! (

Ah doan keah, I'm da stah of dis movie and I get to weah da dress! ( Our winner of the entry most sounding like Arnold...and considering it's typed, that was no easy feat.

God, I hope the movie does well, or the next time we see him, it'll be "Governor Schwarzenegger!" (

I want you to very quietly find out what Steven Seagal is doing right now. (

I'll be back...I've got to oil up. ( Oh dear...someone better go tell Arnold that he's not filming "Pumping Iron: The Next Generation".

Could you possibly stop all that're the Terminator, not Darth Vader. (

Of course we wanted Linda Hamilton for her sex appeal ........ but she wanted too much money ...... so we got Scott Hamilton instead. (

I'll be back... if this movie makes another 100 million dollars. ( It better make more than that, considering it cost nearly twice that to make.

Well, the working title was "Same Shit, Different Day," but the people in marketing decided that "Terminator 3" would help the kind of people who enjoy this crap realize that it was a sequel. (

I'm qualified to be Arnold's translator -- I used to decode Stephen J. Cannell's dyslexic scripts. ( That explains why Mr. T kept saying, "I pity the loof!" on The A-Team...

Call my grandfather in...Arnold needs his body double again! (

No YOU rub the Ben Gay on Arnold. (

The winners:

Hey, just because Maria Shriver looks like Skeletor...oh wait, you're talking about the movie...

It's pretty bad when the chick is more intimidating than Arnold. (

I think the StiflerBot 3000 might object to this:

I swear....actors! Arnie wants to do an apple pie scene, only he pushes right thru the tin! (