Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 22 Aug 03)

Really Bad Titles for Government Porn Films

Curious George (

Mr. Smith Goes All the Way (

G.W.B. Does Dallas ( Debbie was actually Dubya???

Screwing the Masses...Nobody Does It Better Or Longer (

The 'Other' Washington Monuments (

Re-Pube-Lickin' Par-TEE! ( Hmmm...sounds like a ho's down.

Man On Top: Donald Rumps Felt (

America the Booty-ful (

The Ohhhhhhhh-val Office ( Isn't that what Clinton called it, too?

"Intern"al Affairs (

Famous Bushes (

Pardoning Tricky Dick ( But does he lean to the right?

The Pent-House-agon orgy....when 8 IS enough! (

Veteran's Affairs (

Governing Bodies ( A tale of two Kennedys.

A Movie Appealing To Prurient Interest For the Purpose of Facilitating Autoerotic Stimulation: Number 211 In A Series. Approved by the Department of Justice, John Ashcroft, Attorney General. (

Amendment 69 ( Let's see how many people put that "Just Say 'YES' to Amendment 69" sign out.

Back Door Politics (

Debbie Does Dulles (

The winners:

I guess everything IS bigger in Texas:

Lyndon's Johnson (

A hot topic...sure to get a rise out of the average long as you don't talk about cuts...

Handling Inflation (