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(Updated 24 Dec 03)

Really Bad Toys That Should Be Recalled
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Grope-me Grover (

Milton-Bradley's Mystery Disease board game. (

The Forensic Psychology Family Analysis Kit from Discovery Channel. ( "CS-I'll be home for Christmaaaaas...."

The fork that goes in the electric socket game. (

Gray Davis Budget Buster already DID get recalled. (;

Lead-based just doesn't taste the same as it did when we were kids. (

"Mr. Turd Head" -- plastic eyes, eyebrows, noses, lips and glasses that you can apply to your solid bowel movements to make funny faces on your feces. ( You have waaaaaay too much time on your hands...spent in the bathroom.

"Saggy Boobs" Barbie (

The new CSI Do-It-Yourself Autopsy Kit (

Quick-Sand Box (

An Erotic Train Set: sex educational toy...(Wait'll ya' see the caboose!) ( "Oh, there's no place like 'ho, for the holidays..."

Barbie's Do-It-Yourself Dream Breast Implanters (l1061s@GO.COM)

The home version of "Fear Factor" (

Defibrillation for Juniors! ( Playing doctor was never THIS much fun when I was a kid!

E-Z Bake Oven's Home Brewing Accessory Kit (

Bob the Barfly. Can he drink it? Yes, he can! Can he stand up? No, he can't! ( "Rudolph the red-nosed social drinker...."

Fisher Price I-Can-Bungee (

"Attack of the Gross, Terrible Monster Hiding in Your Closet." Players move around the board trying to avoid the monster in the closet and sleep! (

The Eminem Talking Doll: Pull the string and get 16 different phrases, all starting with "fu**." (

Shard-o-matic Glass Etcher Crafts Kit ( Hmmmm...sounds like the people at Bass-o-Matic teamed up with the Bag O'Glass people.

The Al Gore action figure. Turned out it was a contradiction in terms. (

The winners:

"Vi-o-lent night, hole-y night...."

Mattel Junior Seek-And-Destroy Robot -- Be the First Kid on your block to be the Last Kid on your block. ('s also a handy-dandy drink shaker...

Pickle Me Elmo (Laughs and speaks in drunken fashion) (