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(Updated 24 Oct 04)

Really Bad Reasons Why The Sky Is Blue
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Wait a minute! I live in LA. I thought it is grayish-yellow! (;

Because it has a chemical imbalance. But Zoloft can wipe away those blues. **May cause thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, and sexual side effects. (

Because some little boy spilled Daddy's paints and they evaporated. ( Wouldn't evaporating paint make the sky transparent?

Because I said so! eat your peas! (

All the blue balls in the world have influenced the sky. (

Lack of oxygen at high altitudes...Hey, it turns people blue, doesn't it? (

The world is just a floating turd in the toilet bowl of a universe. ( You forgot the "heh heh heh".

It's Doppler shift. When the sun slows down, it starts to turn red, but when it is going real fast (like in the morning and afternoon) colors shift to the blue side of the spectrum. (

Trick question! The sky really isn't's just a pigment of your imagination! (

I had a remote control around here somewhere so I could change it to orange once 2001 started, but I'll be damned if I can't find it. Sorry all. ( Did you look under the sofa cushions?

As proof that God is male. A female would have made it pink. (

Cause my wife said so. (

It's got something to do with global warming... ( Silly you - it's not's El Nino's fault!

It isn't. Our minds are being controlled and we only THINK it's blue. (

You'd be blue too if every day you'd have to show up at the crack of dawn. (

Reflections from K-Mart specials. ( That's strong enough to blind any lifeforms in the NEXT solar system!

Don't you worry... my compassionate environmental laws will have that sucker gray in no time! (

Al Gore made it blue right before he invented the Internet. (

Idiot! You're supposed to take OUT those disposable tinted contacts, not just keep putting in new ones! (

Are you kidding? Ever try to make rhymes with other colors? (

It absorbs that color from the millions of crashed computer screens that radiate it every day. ( Millions x 12 crashes per day...yeah, that seems logical to me.

Whaddaya think I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night? (

Because that is the color lens that the Alien Scientist have found works best when looking at the human species through its microscope. (

So you can tell if you hung the painting right-side up. (

Because the Angels are bowling ... no that's thunder. Because the Angels are crying... no that's rain...Because the Angels are sad, yeah that's it they are freaking sad. They are sad because they are not BOWLING! Ok... so now leave me alone. (

If anything can go blue it's Smurfy's Law! (

The winners...

No wonder the sky has that funny smell...

Hey...all that toilet flush liquid from the airlines has to go somewhere! (

Geez...didn't anyone ever catch this subtle hint watching "The Wizard of Oz"???...

Actually, it was gray until the advent of color photography. (