Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 25 Aug 04)

Really Bad Euphemisms For Menopause

Aunt Flo's Funeral (

Putting Your Menstrual Cycle in Low Gear ( More like "no gear".

Now she only takes her eggs scrambled. (

Becoming a Golden Girl ( Oooh, oooh, can I be Dorothy...afterall, wasn't she the only one without ANY female hormones? ;)

Lightening Rod of Rage (

No Strings Attached ( Kinda like my social life....

Distaff Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome (

Get ovary it! ( Didn't Cher "say" this once...oh, about 20 years ago?

Crimson Ebb (

Flash Dance ( Everyone sing..."What a feeling..."

The Freshmaker. (Or is that Mentos' pause?) (

Attack of the Killer Hormones (

The Bloodless Coup ( Yup, she's definitely gone "coup-coup", she has.

Man's Best Friend (

1000 Flushes ( And that's just Monday.

MAD COW Disease...shucks that's already taken. (

Riding the last white pony into the sunset. ( Just don't forget to dismount. Yeah yeah..."Ick"...I know.

Estrogenicide (

The Last of the Red Hot Monthlies ( So...after all those flashes, you might say it could leave one Sophie Tuckered out?

The "Red Wings" aren't returning to this arena. (

Hot Flash in the Pants (mrxsandmanx@yahoocom) That doesn't sound that bad....

Eggs McNuthin' (

The Long Hot Summer. All year. (

Ges-station Break ( You know, you could probably market this idea to that women's network...ehhh maybe not.

PM Escrow (

Sweatin' to the Ovaries (

The winners:

Witch age is that again??...

Going Through the 'Crone-alogical' Age (

Yikes! Let's all tiptoe around HER for awhile...

Changing my astrological symbol to "the crab". (