Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 27 Feb 03)

Really Bad Signs You Clicked On This Site By Mistake

You are asked to submit money for every entry to help support the Judge's drinking habit. (

Are disappointed to find that Google's links to redirected you here. (

Cadeaux not naked enough. ( Hey, we want you to visit again...not make you flee in horror!

"Dear HMO, I need to have my earlobes lipo'ed...and I'd like to know if my insurance covers the procedure." (

The "physicians" listed in this HMO have goofy names like Junkmailmagnet42, Complexhippie and BikeMike101. (

Your mouse keeps trying to crawl away. ( Just stuff him full o' cheese.

You were looking for Hugh Hefner's autobiography. (

Imagine That is not about John Lennon. (

Actually *won* something. ( Some"thing" is a good word for it.

I searched "photolaughs" and expected to find pictures of my parents having sex... (

You don't understand what RE BA means. ( Hey, I work here...and I STILL don't know what it means!

Doesn't Hummer Me Online usually have more nudity in it? (

No matter how many times you try to reorder, the pizza never arrives (

Oh, thought I was on a porn site looking for "screwed reviews". ( Okay, you knew this was coming..."On a scale of 1-10...I give it a 6.9".

It must have been a bad link on that email cause I don't see anything about penis enlargement. (

You call up your HMO and ask them why they keep sending you origami. ( Unfold's also a bill!

The only "dirty" lady here is Kelly Osbourne with some poo on her mouth. (

Unable to find link to enter my credit card number to be spanked by a naughty nurse. ( Let me've been Really Bad, right?

Dammit, where are the nekkid clowns?! (

The winners:

Why, thank you:

I thought this was Hot Men (

Well, it's certainly not in THIS entry....smartass...

Uh, I get the "Me" part and the "Online" part but where's the "Humor" part? (