Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 27 Jan 03)

Really Bad New Names For Crayola Crayons

Frostbitten Toe Blue (

"Syphilis is a color, right?" (

Acapulco Gold ( "Mommy, daddy's trying to smoke my crayon again!"

Mary: Please pass me the green barf. Katie: Not till I get the sour white goats milk. (

Heimlich Blue (

Scab Brown (

Macy Gray ( Personally, I woulda sent in "RasGold".

Purple Haze (

Accounts Ledger Red (

Nuclear Winter White (

Tammy Faye Baker Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green,... hell just have a Crayola specialty box just for her! ( "Look, mommy! A horrible, scary rainbow!"

Pus Off-Yellow (

Cadaver Blue (

Cyanotic Blue ( Not to be confused with "Cadaver Blue" least not YET.

Gan-greene (; SMMFD1@AOL.COM)

Jaundice (

Clear ( Always the shortest crayon in the box..."Mommy, my crayon's won't do anything."

Deacon Blue....Black Cow....Steely Tan? (

Minty Green crayon: Draw and Color Your OWN Money. ( Finally, I'll have enough cash for the weekend!

Christina Aqua-lera (

Black Death (

Oscar: A lead color crayon wrapped in gold color paper. (

Humor Me On Lime (sorry, I couldn't resist) ( Yeah, yeah, use the site for your own amusement, why dontcha.

"Blue" Screen of Death (


Phlegmish Green ( This one is in the box right next to "French Surrender White".

Red Green. ( Does anybody else get this PBS Canadian export, beyond the lucky viewers of Wisconsin? ) (

The winners:

Oooooh look at all the pretty colours...hey, you ever look really close at a baboon's's kinda like a rainb..oh, um...nevermind...

Baboon Bottom Red (

And now, to totally confuse the colorblind:

Michael Jackson Faux White (