Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 27 Nov 05)

Really Bad Thanksgiving Films Playing At The Local Porn Theatre

Basted, Wasted, and Tasted (

Debbie Does Giblets! (

A Walton Family Orgy (

The First Spanksgiving ( ...and he's leaving the buckle on!

Breast Meat, Thigh Meat (

She's Got Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown (

Thrilled to the Giblets ( Is that a wattle in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Buns, Breasts and Basting (

White Meat or Dark? (;

I Got My Man With Tryptophan! ( Hey, he can't do that if he's passed out...can he??

Play-Mouth Rock (

Cornucopulate! (

Mommy Loves the Wishbone ( Wishbone? Errrrr......

The Homecumming (

Eating the Bird (it's a 60's British Porn classic) (;

My Horn of Plenty ( Insert your own "blow me" joke here.

May's Flower - Discovering New Territory (

Crouching Turkey, Hidden Sausage ( ....It won't stay hidden for very long....

A Bone In Her Throat (

Guess Who's Coming After Dinner (

That Little Thing That Pops Up Means It's Ready ( Sounds like a naughty childrens' book.

Everybody Wants A Piece Of Her Pie (

The winners:

Hey, just don't tell me Steve Guttenbed is in it...

Three Men and Their Gravy (

Ahhh, nothing beats (off) the classics...

Let's Loosen Our Pants (