Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 28 May 04)

Really Bad Cereal Names

Well, I found out today that Leis' computer is on the I'll be going this one alone - hopefully he will have it up and working by the time the next one's due.

Count Choke-You-Up (

Buckwheats. Because they taste O-Tay. (

Soggy Bottom Dweller ( Not that it sounds so much like a cereal...but for some reason this one made me chuckle.

Super Cavity Crisp (

Sugar Frosted Sugar Flakes. Part of this complete... oh, who are we kidding? (

Wheezies: Breakfast of Champion Asthma Patients! ( Not to be confused with "Weezies: Breakfast of George Jefferson's wife".

CrappleJacks (

Captain Asparagus: Rice-and-Vegetable Puffs that Make Your Urine Smell Funny (

Shreck'ed Wheat (The cereal with onions in it) (

Hall & Oates ( One side's talented...the other...well, we really don't know why it's there.

Turning Trix (;

Krunchy Cicada Puffs (

Shredded Weed (

Cornholeios ( Yes, I still miss watching Beavis and Butthead.

Cocanios. Just Follow Your Nose (

Lice Crispies (

Life Sentence--The First Cereal Made By and For Prisoners (

Frosted Mini-Pads (; Manufactured by Ko-Chex, no doubt.

Internet Cookie Crisp (

Bounced Chex (

Sugar Smack Yo Bitch Ups ( Now with a ho lot more smack.

Dr. Scholl's Corn Flakes (

Condoleeza Rice Krispies (;

The winners (yes, I picked them both this time around):

Now you CAN take it with you...the question is: WHY would you want to?...

Whey to Go (

Providing valid "can't go to work (cause I'm going at home)" excuses since its inception...

Painfully Potent Bran (