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(updated 28 Oct 03)

Really Bad Halloween Party Game Ideas
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We thought we would lead off with some interesting "bobbing for" entries in case you need some ideas:

Bobbing for pineapples. (;

Bobbing for flaming bags of poo. (

Bobbing for Granny's dentures. (

Bobbing for piranhas. (

Bobbing for crapples...Don't ask for details. (

Bobbing for scabs. (

Bobbing for scorpions. (

Bobbing for sea urchins. (

Sit around all night and submit HMO ideas. ( So you plan to spend Halloween...alone, just like me, huh?

The Monster Hash (this will give any Dracula the munchies). (

Rabid chinchilla toss. ( *sigh* Fun times times...

Genital Guillotine Trivia...One wrong answer and it's Happy Hollow Weiny!! (

The "Guess which candy is left over from last Halloween" game. (

Dude, Where's My Panties? ( Chances are someone's bobbing for them right now.

Pin Your Tail against Jack O's Lantern...very popular in Neverland!!! (

Identify the Stain on the Homemade Ghost Costume Obviously Made from an Old Bedsheet! (

Decorate the passed out drunk guy. ( THAT'S why I had all that makeup on the next morning!

Have a Barbara Bush look alike THAT is scary! (

Play Dungeons and Dragons while using unsuspecting trick or treaters as your "victims". ( Note to self: Stay away from dzed68's house...oh, and alert police.

Pin the Rap on the Innocent Bystander (

How Many Drinks Does It Take to Bring Your IQ Up to Jessica Simpson's Level? ( This actually sounds more like something you'd see on the Game Show Network. "Uh, candy corn...silly me, I thought it would be 'on the cob'!"

Scary-oke...with a four drink minimum required to participate. (

The winners:

Trick...or treat?

Spot the transvestite. (

Hey, this is like two great games in one!...Uh...maybe not...

Pin the Tail On the Demon We Just Summoned With the Ouija Board. (