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(updated 29 Apr 03)

Really Bad Signs Your Boss Is Stupid
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He hired me...didn't he? (;; most everyone else)

He keeps telling you how he doesn't understand why everyone likes payday so much, personally he thinks there are just to many peanuts for him to enjoy it. (

He picks up a sale item marked $1.00 off of $17.99 and then picks up another one of the same item that is marked $16.99 and says "Which price is the correct one?" (This really happened, by the way.) (

He has a picture of Ronald McDonald on his desk. ( And doesn't work for McDonald's...hmmm.

Every time you try and ask him how to turn on the computer, he just smiles and nods his head. (

On "Take Your Daughter to Work" day, he brings his son in a dress and Mary Janes. (

You work for the Department of Motor Vehicles. ( OK, that's "ReBa Signs That You're Boss is Just Really, Really EVIL"!

He just asked you to go "download the Internet." (

Who, my boss? (

He fires you even though you were the number one seller last month. (It's not funny, but it's true; it just happened to me!) (

I must be really lucky, my bosses were all just insane workaholic slavedrivers. ( Yes, lucky lucky you.

Boss didn't choose "When at a party, and someone brings up the topic of Saddam, you rattle on about Gommorrah." as winner of ReBa. (uh oh, I'm ducking here, boss! haha) (

He recruited you after you were fired by the Post Office! (

The computer has white out all over the screen. ( He's blonde, too?

Tells our accountants, "Enron had the right idea, they just had bad publicity." (

Has a bulls-eye sticker on his hardhat, gives everyone a hard time, and we all use nailguns. (

He has an affair in front of one of the security cameras, and forgets his wife is in charge of reviewing the tapes. ( Well, she can't be all that bright either...she married the guy.

Closer inspection of his framed 'diploma' revealed a home instruction course signed by Sally Struthers. (

Wants to let you in on his little embezzlement scheme even after you remind him that you both work at is a sperm bank. ( Great, a boss who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty...and sticky.

He is reading this over my shoulder, and he still thinks I am ordering supplies online. (

The winners:

The scary part is that none of them had the sense to fire him...

He boasts that his last 4 bosses were once assistants just like yourself. (

Hmmm, no "Springsteen" references this week:

He's feeding documents into the shredder and asking where the copies come out. (;