Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 2 Apr 03)

Really Bad Religious Based/Commemorative Items

Fire and Brimstone Charcoal Briquettes (

Pope-Soap-On-A-Rope ( An oldie but goodie...

LL Bean : "The Tent Commandments" series for outdoor revivals (

Blair Witch Action Twig Figures (

Holy Water Super Shooter 100,000 (

Pray Dough: For those who just cant say what they need. ( So they can knead what they say?

Whore of Babylon Edible Panties (

Popea-cola (

Popémon Trading Cards ( Mosesaur, I choose YOU!

Noah's attempt to make a fortune with his "I survived the flood and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" idea... (

Holyneken: Beer brewed w/holy water. (

Hair dull, limp, lifeless? Just in time for Easter, our "Holy Rollers" curlers will bring your hair back from the dead! (PASTLIVESR6@AOL.COM)

The "What A Friend We Have In Cheeses" deli platter ( A big seller during Lent.

Bubble Bathsheba (

Amennen: Underarm deodorant to combat wicked pit demons. (

Pontius Palm Pilot (

The Hindu God Trading Card Game ( Oh yeah?? Well, let's see you fight Mosesaur!!!

Jesus Sandals... they're good for the sole! (

"The Judas Coin Collection" 30 pieces of silver with a face on both sides! (

The EuchaWristWatch ( Somehow I just can't stop imagining Barbara Walters saying this.

Jesus Epoxy... King of the Glues (

Limited Edition Collection Plates (

The winners:

That explains the sudden breeze...and the smell:

Jerry Falwell Whoopy Cushion - sounds so real, until you realize that it's just a bunch of hot air being blown out his ass. (

How does it go again..."If you teach a man to fish...someone will make a plastic singing one?"...

"Psalmin' Salmon": Religion's answer to the "Billy Bass." (