Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 2 Nov 03)

Really Bad Brand Names For Organic Products

Hulk Salad (

Told You Soy (

"I Can't Believe It's a Corn Cob" toilet paper. ( Hmmm...this ReBa could get messy.)

Grown in Poo (

"A Little Trichinosis Never Hurt Anyone" brand pork chops. (

"ZZZ Chicken" -- We only use chickens that died in their sleep. ( Being attacked by rabid packs of dogs still counts, right?

"Ah Naturale": Packed by naked, middle aged, fat folks at the factory. (

I Can't Believe It's Not Steroids! (

Poison Ivy Wipes ( Scratch that idea!

Homo-free Milk.....(not homogonized) (

Soil & Gre en, Inc. ( At least they're a people company.

Weedo's (

"As Best Us" all natural building supply. (

Chocfull-O-Bugs (

Cow Dung Right (

The winners:

Their top sellers? Alfalpha Bits and PooBerry...

Com-Post Cereals (

Maybe they're magic beans:

"Pre-tried Beans": They're all the same in the end. (