Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 30 Oct 04)

Really Bad Flu Shot Waiting Line Pick-Up Lines

If you don't get a shot...the flu can be fatal, want to go out with a bang? (

Your eyes are green, like the loogie I just spewed ten feet minimum! Your lips are red like my puffy nose....Kiss me, you fool! (

You should have seen the chlamydia line!" (

Hey babe, you don't have to wait in line four hours to feel a little prick! ( You knew we were going to one of these...we did get enough of them.

Your microsoftness is getting to my pop up virus. (

So...die here often? ( Of corpse I do!

Wanna get sick together and huddle under piles of blankets? (


My doctor says I have three months to live and I have more money than I can spend in that amount of time. Waddaya say? (

Ever see the effects a grenade has on a box full of puppies. ( are way too senile to be in line...alone.

Of course you're my type. You're alive, right? (;

I just got the last shot, but I'm sure I could transfer the inoculation to you if we exchange bodily fluids. (

Wow this queue is sooo know, if we went back to my place and stayed in bed all winter, I bet we'd be ok !!?? (

That's quite a walker you have there... ( You forgot the comeback line... "I've fallen for you and can't get up!"

I meet a lot of women at the free clinic, but there's something special about you. (

So you on Medicaid or Medicare? (

Is that a vaccination needle in your hand, or are you just glad to see me? ( It's a needle. Trust me on this.

So do you like it in the butt? (

Hey babe, are you some sort of Flu-zy? (

So, why doncha' come up and CC me, sometime? (

Get stuck here often? (

The winners:

Unfortunately...this one probably has worked a few times...

So, do you come to Canada often? (

Well, when you put it like THAT...

Look, don't be so picky. You're high risk, whadda ya say? (