Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 3 Jun 03)

Really Bad Rejected Game Shows For the Sci-Fi Channel

Beat the Spock (

Who Wants To Win A Million Years On The Planet Nevari, Where Time Stands Still, And Beautiful Women Will Love You and Feed You Forever? (

Drop Shannon Doherty In A Vat Of Acid ( Okay, she'd fall for it once...but wouldn't she remember by next show? Oh, what am I's Shannon Doherty.

Petrie Dish...combines cooking with science as we try to figure out what was under all that mold... (

Deep Space Fine --The show where science geeks meet the girls of their dreams. (

The Newlydead Game ( "Bob, I married her for her braaaiiins...."

Count the Craters in My Moon! (

The Klingon is Right (

Who Wants to Probe an Alien???? ( "Oooh me me meee!" Oh wait...I thought it said "probed BY an alien"...nevermind...

Who's Living in their Mom's Basement? (

You Bet Your Afterlife (

Name That Vulcan! ( It's T', wait...Timok? Tampax?

UFO - Winner is abducted by aliens and is never seen again. (

Name Kirk's Tune: Contestants try to name songs sung by William Shatner in his pathetic post-Star Trek life after hearing as few notes as possible. ( Yep, whenever I hear Shatner sing, I know I want to hear as "few notes as possible".

Picard Sharks (

Spin, Ooze, or Claw ( Can I take a fourth option?

Klingon Wheel of Fortune. "Uh / grunt / hack, I'd like to by a vowel?" (

Star Trek the Original Series Red Shirt Security Survivor (

The winners:

I'll take "Most Irritating Star Wars Characters" for $400, Alex...

JARJARPARDY!...guests have to form their responses to these Star Wars related categories in Gungan-speak..."Meesa say..." (

Finally, a group Richard Dawson WON'T kiss:

Family Feud (Klingons vs. Vulcans) (