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Really Bad Out-takes From "The Day After Tomorrow"
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The scene where a "Closed for Cleaning" sign is hung on the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in New York, just before the tsunami hits Manhattan. (

Minutes 1-89. (

Boy is this snow cold! (

A "pointed" comment about the effect an ice age will have on the Statue of Liberty's nipples. ( ...starring Anna Nicole Smith as "The Statue"

"Darn it! I forgot to clean the birdcage!" (

Only Keith Richards and 7 cockroaches survived before the original was edited. (

The tornado is coming....where is Auntie Em? (

A tidal wave flattening Don King's hair. ( We know THIS could never happen in real life.

Jake: "Dad! Dad! It's the end of the world!" Dennis Quaid: "Oh no, not again!" (

Meg Ryan in a cameo as a drowning victim..deliberately not saved by Randy Quad. ( Well, give the guy a break!! He's a quad, after all!!!

"Tidal Wave" scene in New York City was originally some guy pouring a pitcher of water over a Monopoly board game. (

Out-takes, what out-takes? The whole damn movie should have been an out-take. (;

Moving 12-minute montage death scene of South Pacific Coral. ( Well, it really wasn't "moving" per se.

The scene where the computer graphics guys forgot to revert Lady Liberty's enhanced bust size before adding in the tidal wave. (

So, seeing as how the worlds about to end, do you think gas prices will go down. ( Yeah, sure, maybe the day after--nah, too easy.

Godzilla seen surfing in background of tidal wave scene. (

An unfortunate scene where Dennis Quaid breaks into "Great Balls Of Fire" when the global warming threat is revealed to be a clear and present danger.... ( I thought any scene with Dennis Quaid would be deemed "an unfortunate scene".

Vice President orders airstrikes against Syria for harboring Weather of Mass Destruction. (

Al Gore freezes solid but nobody seems to notice. (

The winners:

Ooooh...someone's sleeping on the sofa tonight!...

The house is shakin' again.."Is your mother in the bathroom, dear?" (

And all read with a smile...

"Now your five day forecast: Wednesday - massive flooding; Thursday - death and destruction; Friday - the end of civilization; but the weekend looks fire up that barbecue!" (