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(updated 3 Mar 03)

Really Bad Ways To Stand Out In An Already Crazy Mardi Gras Crowd
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Okay Dad, I showed them to ya, now hand over those beads! ( Always fun to begin on an icky note, eh?

Use a "weed wacker" to move through the crowd of people faster. (

Wear that "" T-shirt you were saving for a 'special' occasion. ( Sheesh... I don't even have an HMO T-shirt!

Three breasts. (

Throwing Watchtower magazines to women who remain clothed. (

Keep your blouse ON! (; IS original, I'll give you that.

Instead of a bead necklace, you offer a pearl one. (

Dress like a public defender. I guarantee you'll make a lot of friends. (

Wear nothing but a bag on your head with 1.89 on it..and go as a gas pump. ( But you'd probably get pumped a lot more if you were only $1.29.

Whatever you do, try not to be too krewed about it! (

Wear your Weapon of Mass Destruction costume. ( What, my thong?

I've been to Mardi Gras. There's a way you can stand out in a crowd? (

Mount one of the police horses, screaming "Vive la France"! ( this mount or mount?

Wear a robe and wander around screaming "Bring out your dead!" (

Three words: Michael Jackson mask (ain't nothing freakier than that). (

The winners:

No...I think this would be "ReBa Ways to Get Your Ass Kicked at Mardi Gras"...

Every time a girl flashes her boobs yell, "Wow, Mom! You're hotter than Dad said you were!" (

(panting) "Oh ye, oh ye...Ohhhhhh Yeeeeeee!!!!!!!!"

Dressed as an Amish hooker, offering to show "some ankle" for beads. (