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(Updated 4 Jan 04)

Really Bad Titles For Workout/Exercise Videos
(Inspired by's entry)

You Should Be Working Out Instead Of Trying To Get Sex (with Little Billy "Shoots" Blanks) (

Tons of Buns Pilates (

Lorena Bobbit's "Take inches off ANYWHERE" (

The Studs of HMO, exercising their..... funny bones! ( Why, I happen to exercise my bone three, four times a day...

Yoga with Yogi: How to Make the Most of your Pic-a-nic (

Roseanne Barr's COWasthenics (

7 Steps To Smaller Breasts! (

The OJ Simpson's Guide to Running ( "Looking for a killer way to shed those pounds?..."

Buns of Lead (

Sixty-five Minute Abs (

Marlboro presents: Clutching Your Chest to the Oldies (

The Fatkins Diet Workout (

50 Ways to Leave Your Blubber :) ( Cut off the fat, Pat! Let out your pants, Lance! Uh, just stop it already, Freddy.

Michael Jackson's "Sweating to the Youngun's" (

The Iraqi Army Workout: Raise your hands...Higher...Higher...Now hold. (

Dr. Phil's Five Minute Abs...but first, are we really being honest with ourselves? (

Deep Knee Bends Starring Monica Lewinsky ( ...sequel to "How to Look Thin by Sucking It In"?

Get Off Your Lazy Ass and Do Something! (

Heavier Steins: The Beer Drinkers' Bicep Solution. (

Aerobics for ADHD Sydr...OOO! SHINY!! ( That was not intended to be offensive in any...OOO! Pretty kitty walked by!

The Oz Shower Workout (Parental Warning: This product has nothing to do with Munchkins, Wicked Witches, or Dorothy) (

Lift & Jerk with Pee Wee Herman (

Exercises for Extra-sizers (

Girls Gone Wild: Takin' It Off ( "Yep...they're 20 years older and at least 20 pounds heavier!"

Jane Fonda's "I Divorced 180 lbs. Workout" (

"Flush Away the Pounds!" with Lara Flynn Boyle (

Home Crafts presents "How to Lose Tens of Pounds and Make Your Own Soap at the Same Time" ( Tallow can you go?

Body by Drakes (

Where There's a Will There's a Weight Reduction (

Looking Fab With That Flab (

Attractive People Pretending To Show You How To Look Like Them (

The winners:

Well, time to go do my chins-ups!

Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Years for Only Ten Dollars! (

It's a small goal afterall...

Disney Workout Videos presents: Pilates Of The Caribbean (;