Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 5 Feb 04)

Really Bad Chapter Titles In Donald Trump's Upcoming Book

My first name is NOT "The" (

I Could Buy You (

Chapter 6: "Yes, This Really Is My Own Hair!" (

Can't I Get Any Interns Bill Clinton Hasn't Already Been With? (

How to Turn Time in the Can into Big Dollars ( Sounds like a load of crap, to me!

My Hair - A Stylists Revenge (

Ego or Oxygen - the Ongoing Debate (

How All You Blond, Big Boobed Bimbos Could Be the Third Mrs. Trump ( Don't you mean the "Third Ex-Mrs. Trump"?


How to Meet the Love of Your Life....Again...and Again... (

How to Buy an Elegant Hair Piece On a Tight Budget (

Get Rich Quick! (send an additional $19.95 to for a demonstration) (

Ivanna Sucks (not literally) (

Girls: "You're Fired!" Unless your really want to work 'under me'. ( AKA, "The Bill Clinton Method".

Are You Reading This, Ted Turner? (

The "Little Donald" and High Rises (

The Day I Bought the Vatican and Renamed it "Trump's Big Building of Religious Stuff" (radlein0897@charter.met)

I'm Ok..You're Fired (l1061s@GO.COM)

New York: If I Can Make it There... ( Hmmmm...something tells me he's "made it" lotsa places.

Bad Hair Decades (

When Rich Reality TV Stars Merge or "How I Got Inside the Paris Hilton" (

The Lord of The Realty: The Trump Towers (

Really Good Ideas For Other Television Shows About Me (

The Art of the Comb-Over (;

New York on $5,000 a Day (

The winners:

Dumb Eye On The Rich Guy...

Hair Care For Dummies (

Or "How to Make the "Bank" in Bankruptcy Work For You"...

I don't know, but he's leaving out the chapter between 10 and 12. (