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(updated 5 May 03)

Really Bad Presidential Monuments
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The Gerald R. Ford Look Out Mountain Presidential Golf Course (

Every single one of Saddam Hussein's monuments....I think that about covers it... (

The George Dubya Draft Dodger, fully dressed in combat gear and pointed home towards Texas. ( Wind him up, and watch him run...

The Kennedy/Licoln Faces of Death Library (

The Jimmy Carter Lusting In The Heart National Cardiac Hospital (

The William Henry Harrison Monument: A giant calendar of the month of March 1841 carved into the side of a mountain. (For you non-history buffs, WHH caught pneumonia while delivering his inaugural address on a freezing, rainy day without wearing a coat, and he died 30 days later.) ( HMO proudly presents...The History Channel.

President Kennedy clutching a Playboy magazine (

The Reagan Monument, least visited since no one can seem to remember where we put it... (

George Bush sitting on a nuclear missile with the word Iraq or Afghanistan on the side. ( Give him a cowboy hat and Peter Sellers as a co-star, and I've actually seen this happen!

The Sesame Street Museum in Ohio.. (well, it is the closest thing to ANYTHING about Grover OR Cleveland) (

The William Jefferson Clinton Oral Hygienic Hospital (

Harvard's George Bush Liguistic School ( I had Liguistic once...with clams.

The Jimmy Carter as "Mr. Peanut" Monument (

The William Henry Harrison Monument. Make it really tiny and off the road so if you blink, you'll miss it, just like his Presidency. ( Yeah, he and Rutherford B. Hayes were the "Rodney Dangerfields" of the Presidency.

Take the 30 some odd presidents that we all don't know the name of, let alone, what they look like and morph them into 1 face. James Polk's nose, Ben Harrison's ears, William Taft's moustache... you get the drift. (

I Went to the Monica Lewinski Wing of that William Clinton Seamen Museum and was blown away... ( But are they in their Dress Blues...or was dress?

The Clinton Monument. It should be 'erected' between a couple of 'Bushes'. (

The winners:

Ah, historical puns....gotta love 'em:

Teddy Roosevelt's monument in South Dakota - to get to it is a Roughride. (

Well, I think and kaylor here should get crackin' on exactly what this one will look like...

The 18th Through 34th No-one-knows-who-the-hell-they-were Monumental Conglomerate (