Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(Updated 5 May 04)

Really Bad Political Euphemisms For "Having Sex"

Stuffing the Ballot Box (;

Dark horsing around ( Well, you know what they say about coming up from behind...uh...nevermind.

Crossing the Delaware (

(Please insert 10,000th hanging chad reference here) (

It looks like it's going to be a long filibuster! (

If you're a Democrat, it's "Dunking the Donkey", and if Republican, it's "Immersing the Elephant". And if you're Ralph Nader's party, it's "Screwing the People". ( Sayyy, that's catchy!!

He was canvassing her precinct. (

Quorum was reached (

Paying Taxes..that means "Getting Screwed" right? (

Up on the Hill ( Anita? Clarence, is that you sending in entries?

Debriefing my Aide (

I was in and out of her district campaigning as hard and long as anyone else, trying to drive the message home that economic stimulation needs more than lip service. (

If the politician says he's "doing a manual recount", just give him some time alone in the bathroom. ( ...and a dirty magazine.

Pressing the Flesh (;

On the floor of the House (

Holding Bob Dole's pen. ( You know - this is just tooooo disturbing...I had to pick it.

Feeling out your constituents. (

Satisfying a special interest group. (

Being up in the poles. ( Man, look at those poles climbing!

Handling the Minority Whip (

Bipartisan Union (

Having a closed door session. (

The winners:

Sounds like something Clinton would do...

Pushing a bill through. (;

Sounds like a clear case of Saddam-y...

I'd sure like to let my Persian missile invade your bag, dad. (