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(Updated 6 Sep 05)

Really Bad Signs You Aren't Cut Out For Professional Poker
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Last time someone said they were putting you all in, you started to disrobe. (

Your ex-wife Lorena "shortened" your career. (Poker? I hardly know her!) (

You think a full house is an old ABC sitcom. (;

Last time it was your turn to bet, you said, "Does anyone have any THREES?" (

Stephanie Zimbalist! Oh wait, that was last week's Leis challenge. ( Come play the game that's sweeping the nation....Leis Challenge!!! (and it was DORIS ROBERTS, by the way....)

When they won't take my jockey shorts for one chip. (

The only way you're going to raise anything is to take a Viagra. (

You start making bathroom jokes every time you get a royal flush. ( Like guys need any excuse.

You think a pair of queens are some guys from Bravo. (

You don't own a cowboy hat or a pair of sunglasses. (

You keep stripping every time you lose. (; Geez...this would explain why they let me win all the time.

You can't beat your 3-year old without cheating. (

Instead of raising the ante, you"re razzing the auntie. ( Hey, she really DOES wear combat boots!

When playing Texas Hold'em, you try to snuggle with the person next to you. (

You like wearing your sunglasses indoors. And they're mirrored. (;

You bring dip for the chips. (

Just can't control my "dance of glee." (;

You often ask the guy next to you if your hand is good or not. (; ...what's worse is you take his word for it.

You wouldn't know your ass from an ace in the hole in the ground! (

Look! I have all red cards!!! ( Oooh!! A red light!!! Oh wait, I thought we were playing Milles-Borne.

You got all your skill by listening to the Kenny Rogers' song "the Gambler". (

Your friends love it when you join them for poker night. (

The winners:

I prefer to yell out the more obscure, "Pass Bash!!!!!!!!"...

You can't refrain from yelling out, "Uno!" (

Yeah yeah...insert your own "I'll raise" joke...

You think "poker face" is something you do with your erection. (