Banter provided by Cad and Leis

(updated 7 Aug 03)

Really Bad Lecture Topics at the Las Vegas DefCon Convention

Environmentally Safe Insecticides...oh, wait, that was the DeCon convention. (

News Update: All the Stuff That the Government Has Made Illegal Since the Last DefCon. (

William Shatner Speaks and Gives Autographs... WAITAMINUTE!! ( Sheesh, that man will do anything for a buck.

How To Get Rid of a Hacking Cough. (

An Experienced Hacker Reveals The Tricks of the Trade (live via satellite from his cell in San Quentin) (

"Girls": What They Are and Why They Ignore You. (

"Betting on Morals: Taking the High Road away from High Rollin'!" lecture given by William Bennett. (

Decoding Cadeaux' Bulwer-Lytton Entry. ( Yeah forgot this lecture's got "strings" attached.

How To Earn Money OFFLINE. (

In the Event That We Are Asleep at the Switch... (

READINESS RAINBOW: Understanding the Color Coding of Our National Threat Level Indicators. (

Sunlight Causes Cancer - Don't Take Chances. (

Russell Simmons be cool! (

Identity Theft for Dummies. ( How you too can become "John Doh".

What to do About Your Annoying Family 6 Months After the Bombs Have Fallen, and You're Running Low on Supplies in the Shelter. (

How to Build a Nuclear Device with Parts Found on the Internet. (

Screw This Computer Geek Stuff, Let's Get Liquored Up and Find Some Strippers! (

The winner:

Finally a lecture the Government can really put to good use...

The Blame Flow Chart. (