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(Updated 7 Nov 04)

Really Bad Excuses For Not Voting
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Was hung in line to vote for hours and all I got to show for it was this flu shot. (;

The fact that there are three candidates reminds you of that Three Card Monte game you lost... (

I can cause the same amount of pain by staying home and shoving a fork in my eye! ( You have a point pun intended.

OCD...All kinds of germs in those voting booths! (;

Voting, boating, same thing. (

Too deep into the 'Kids in the Hall' first season DVD. ( Lorne Michaels for President!!

The middle school that is your polling place expelled you out 15 years ago. And they still mean it !! (

Was told due to the expected high voter turnout that Democrats were to vote on Nov 3rd. (

What? And miss 'Two For Tuesday' down at the pub?? ( Coulda just downed a shot each time a state was "coloured" I did afterwards.

Still in coma caused by watching the debates. (

Because I'm anti anything Eminem does! (

According to the helpful "Florida Minorities Voting Guide", my polling place is somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. (

Confused "The Polling Place" with a local strip joint and happily contributed to favorite "candidate". ( I could very easily make a Bush joke here, but I'm not gonna!

I live in Florida... my vote wouldn't get counted anyway. (;

Why bother? Elections are decided by the Supreme Court now. (

The squirrels are watching. ( Well, they came to the right place...afterall, half the people who voted were "nuts". ;)

It only makes sense to vote in an actual Democracy. (

The economy is so bad, you couldn't find a coin to flip. (

I'm from Florida, and the process is far above my level of comprehension. (

If I voted and my guy won, what would I have to complain about for the next four years? (; Uh...your "brilliant" entries not getting picked at HMO? Hey, just a thought. :)

Can't take firearms into the polling place fer cryin' out loud. (

Election what election? You know they really should run some commercials or something to let a guy know. (

Couldn't find the right shoes...don't have a pair of boots high enough to wade through that much crap! (

Voted 5 times last election so I figured was set for a while. ( You dang Floridians....

You get confused after you close the curtain and think you're trying on new pants. (

I had a colonoscopy that day. Pretty much the same. (

"Vote or Die" - well Puffy let's see what you got. ( you are going to be SOOOOO sorry when Puffy reads this....uh....hmmmm....nevermind.

With a population of 294,646,223 people in the United States, my choice has been narrowed down to these two ?????? (

Don't like this Bush as much as the last one. I'll wait for the next one. (

The winners:

This one's a little too "on the nose", the red nose, that is...

My candidate, Bozo the Clown, is not running. Oh, wait... (

Totally understandable...

My Mom said not to vote for "that idiot!" Well, that didn't leave me any choices. (