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(updated 8 Oct 03)

Really Bad Names For a Fancy Restaurant
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I Can't Believe Its Not Flipper! (

Eggs Legs ~N~ Slugs ( Singles bar?

Sloppy Seconds (

How'syour Johnson Restaurant ( Not exactly fine dining...but what the hell...I still liked this one.

Bubba's Bait Shop and Soup Kitchen (

The Brown Dirty (

Eat Out Avarasis ( Okay, now would be a bad time to read these out loud.

La Uwishucouldaffordus (

Garden of Eatin' (

Ruth's Chris' Bertha's Larry ( Sounds almost as stupid as the original.

Coat and Thailand (

La Cucaracha (;

The Number of the Beastro ( Over 666 million served!

Armand Oleg (

Serve It Again, Sam (

Le Mystère Viande (mystery meat in French) ( ....mmm, Le School Cafeteria!

Rippenoff's Russian Tea House (

Oui Portions (

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Osama's favorite dining establishment: Cavern on the Green. (

Pepto Bistro ( And all done up in a pink motif, too.

Sarsdi's (

The winners:

"Waiter, there's a hairball in my soup..."

Fancy Feast (

"Would you like a doggie bag...or will the one your meal was prepared in suffice?

Chez Kinbake (