(updated 25 Mar 05)

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George A. Romero (of 'Dawn of the Dead' fame) Filming a Cosmetic Ad

"If you want men begging for your sugar baby then pick up the perfume that's more powerful than my boom stick." (xtremesmartass@aol.com)

Slogan: "Our new skin cream will peel away the years!" (razcactus@netzero.com)

Maybe she's born with it? MAYBE SHE WAS BITTEN. SHOOT HER! (leafs_fan02@hotmail.com) Sever the head or destroy the brain. :D

Giving new meaning to "honey, I have to go take my face off" (amfpsych@aol.com)

"Yes, you too can look like you've been on the slab for a week." (Cantw82paint@Aol.com) Yeah, but I bet the models have been underground for years.

Try the new Romero wrinkle remover because wrinkles.... They're going to GET YOU, BARRR-BERA!!!!! (Xlovepeaceguy68@aol.com)

A new color from L'Oréal - Desiccated Gray - "because you WERE worth it." (mcsestretch@hotmail.com)


Tired of trying to walk through the cosmetic section at Sears/K-Mart without getting attacked by the perfume sprayers... (old.curmudgeon@hmoforum.com)