(updated 8 Nov 05)

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The Supreme Court

Segue to new contest. Maybe if I give you dissenters your day in court, you'll get it out of your system and give me probation:

(Limericks? Damn you)
When meeting the Senate committee
It's bull$hit, and ain't it a pity?
They fight nail and tooth
But never tell truth
Every one of them, stupid and twitty. (I hope you're happy. That took me 10 minutes to work out. Grrr!) (GrigsbyOK@hotmail.com)

Sheesh, guys. Tell me what you REALLY think!

(Giving A Bad Name To My Fellow Gen-Xers):
I wish I could say something wise,
About how they influence our lives,
But I have to admit,
I don't give a sh_t,
I'd rather watch Desperate Housewives.

Linda Lovelace as justice? She should run,
Should Congress allow her kind fun.
On small issues, being fair,
She might blow a couple there,
But she'd not likely choke on a big one.

ahem) :)

The Supremes think they're so high and mighty
But them men, they're all drips and just flighty
They just make big messes
And under those "dresses"
All they wear is a thong and a nightie! (giggle!) (curtsy)

Justice Ginsberg's fantasies were steamy
She thought Clarence Thomas quite dreamy
"Is that a government probe
You've got under your robe
Or are you just happy to see me?"
(NonComposMentiss@aol.com) (They'll sue NCM, not me....right, boss?)

Where justice is dealt out supreme
And lawyers get richer than cream
But if criminals stop
And the bubble should pop
Then it's back to divorces t'would seem.

Came a vacancy in The Supreme Court..
Dubbya Bush was seeking support...
Many drinks were consumed,
Nominations were ruined...
CNN awaits a retort.

There once was a lady named Harriet
Court pick, of whom, most had been wary yet
But, it was all wrongful smudging,
There was proof of good judging,
Her decision of never to marry yet.

They withdrew poor Harriet Miers
She just irked too many ires
So, who's the next nominee,
George's cleaning lady?
Or the guy who puts air in his tires?

Speaking of which:

There once was a lady of Miers.
Who was nominated by a WMD Liar
She flip flopped a lot.
Her ideals no one bought.
Bush has the IQ of flat tires.

And from the other side:

Sandra Day O has retired
A replacement has yet to be hired
It's tougher than most
To fill a court post
Since the Dems seem to have everyone wired

Those nine black robed women and men
Were to be joined by a hideous hen
But they picked at and pecked her
And did finally reject her
Ozzies are we won't see a Harriet again

A bunch of dense shriveled old jerks
Paid in millions, with interns and clerks
Without rhyme or reason
In every court season
Prove that "balance of powers" no works.

The Prez has named Alito
Hoping to avoid Congressional veto
He first brought up Miers
But she has no desires
Maybe they'd all like Lance Ito

George, recently suffering great blows,
Finds it necessary to be on his toes.
So he names Alito,
And says, "This guy's neato!"
Then he prays, "Please don't over expose."

Supreme Court Judges are awfully staid;
In truth, they may be overpaid.
For when all is said and done,
For qualifications they need but one:
Answer correctly re: Roe vs Wade.

Bush had Miers sized up for a bridle
But the Congress did not sit by idle
For all they could find
Of what she opined
Were her votes for American Idol.

So Miers was In and Out of The Happening in no time, but I've always thought you can't hurry gov...ernment:

Harry down the hall, she tossed it.
And Scooter leaked like a faucet.
We blew the Iraq scheme
Let's Court a new Supreme
So where is Diana Ross at?