(14 Apr 07)

The winner: steve_medel@oxy.com...who will receive a signed cartoon rendering of their entry:



Voting Results:

Stu: 8%
steve_medel: 92%

The Runners-Up:

"The co-defendants must realize that they can run, but they can't hide!" (DaphnetheRed@yahoo.com)

"Don't ever show your faces in this courtroom, again!" (Airfarcewon@aol.com; maxcel200@aol.com)

"You're kidding! These are the two key eyewitnesses?!!!" (ronxian@aol.com)

"You've both been found guilty, there was just too many holes in your alibi!" (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

"So which one of you can finger the Mafia chieftain?" (maxcel200@aol.com)

"Do it all you want. This global warming issue will be around until at least November 2008." (brat.cat@verizon.net)

"The witnesses will just SAY they didn't see anything!" (DaphnetheRed@yahoo.com)

"I'm sentencing you both to Ostrich of ten days in jail!" (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

Judge: "I'll decide if alcohol was a factor in this case!" Caption: Bottoms up (vinyllover45@yahoo.com)

That is not my idea of a witness protection program. (tphyll@aol.com)

"What other cases besides the OJ Simpson and Robert Blake trials have you litigated?" (lexkase@san.rr.com)

"Well, I guess having your heads buried in the sand is better than where most of you lawyers have your heads buried." (stan@squidworks.com)

"Okay, that's it! I'm throwing out all your prima facie evidence!" (maxcel200@aol.com)