(17 Mar 06)

The winner: deweywins@yahoo.com...who will receive a signed cartoon rendering of their entry:



Voting Results:

Stu: 42%
deweywins: 58%

The Runners-Up:

This is so typical of the singles scene today -- dating couples talk and talk but say nothing. (AuntShecky711@aol.com)

Her: "Everything's so much cheaper here, I can't think of what to buy first!" He: "Try breast enhancement surgery." (GrigsbyOK@hotmail.com)

"Of course I'm a Hollywood Director. Let me direct you to my little thatched hut on my island over there." (NITRTAMXXX@aol.com)

Woman: "Thanks for getting me a drink. Now, be a sweetie and get my sunscreen and towel from the room." Man: "Does this mean the honeymoon's over?" (dennisilvr@aol.com)

Woman: "I put a Conch shell to my ear and guess what I heard?" Man: "I don't care what you heard. I was drunk and the Conk Shell was begging for it." (dennisilvr@aol.com)

SHE: "So what comes next: Bermuda, or Bahamas?" HE: "Lady, I don't know...I'm NOT Brian Wilson!" (paracletus3@earthlink.net)

a: "Oh, by the way, I now have full coverage life insurance. I talked with our broker just before we left." b: "Great! Hey, you know what? I think the box jellyfish are mating this time of year. You might want to take a dip and check it out." (tpanner@hotmail.com)

Woman: "They say life’s a Beach." Man: "Yeah! Then you dive." (fparsons@yahoo.com)

Her balloon: "Sure, I'm free tonight!" His balloon: "Good. Usually I have to pay women to go on a date." (DaphnetheRed@yahoo.com)

a: "Let's look for seashells, honey" b: "Great! You do that. I'll be pickin' up chicks." (tpanner@hotmail.com)

Bubble for the chick: "I have degrees in Engineering, Astrophysics and Theology!" Bubble for the guy: "Yeah, yeah. Do you put out?" (strontium901@juno.com)

Caption: Bobby won a "Desert Island Dream-Date" with Paris Hilton at an auction. Girl: "That's hot. The sand...it's hot." Boy: "I want a refund." (tmhayes18@cfl.rr.com)