(24 Apr 03)

The winner: Antneelaurence@aol.com...who will receive a signed cartoon rendering of their entry:

Stu's Original


Voting Results:
Stu: 36%
Antneelaurence: 64%

The Runners-Up:

"You can exhale now, all the photographers have gone." (mykehalpinstudio@aol.com)

"Yep, Smooth as a Ken Doll." (RangerXman@aol.com)

"My husband wants you to use your heat vision on me, he says I'm frigid or something." (mr_didgers@hotmail.com)

"That's nice son. Now can I have the table cloth back?" (Mashallaha@aol.com)

"My husband's faster than a speeding bullet, too... but not in a good way." (MooseSpeak@earthlink.net)

"Nice briefs! You ARE a super lawyer!" (MooseSpeak@earthlink.net)

"I'm suing you for false advertisement. You really weren't 'super' last night." (mcsestretch@hotmail.com)

"Pleased to meet you...I'm 'Steno Girl' and this is 'Thong Boy'. Our uniforms are at the cleaners." (gitarman9@aol.com)

"If that's all you got, I'd wear that cape on the front." (MCrawford1@aol.com)

"Can you balance my checkbook?" (moonbunch01@aol.com)

"WOW! I wish I had super breasts like yours!" (guitartexn@aol.com)

"Hi..I'm Wanda..I love your sandwiches, eat 'em all the time!" (Baitsmotel6@aol.com)

"Look's like SOMEONE'S overcompensating!" (kamasushi@aol.com)

"Zora isn't fooled by Joe millionaires false pretense to be Christopher Reeves." (jeriandgeo@aol.com)

"You know what they say, the longer the cape..." (rojw71@aol.com)

"Stanley here would like to know if you have a sister." (moonbunch01@aol.com)