(28 Jan 05)

The winner: jdcoops3@aol.com...who will receive a signed cartoon rendering of their entry:

Stu's Original


Voting Results:
Stu: 33%
jdcoops3: 67%

The Runners-Up:

B: "Never, ever, again call me a hockey puck ! Caption: Other students were always trying to get Wolfgang's goat at the Chef's Training Academy. (maxcel200@aol.com)

"..hey, while you're in there, poke your brain and see if you remember the recipe for risotto'.... (allen018@aol.com)

Balloon A - "1,2,3 shoot!" Caption - Chef's version of paper/rocks/scissors: Rags/Pots/Knives - rags wipe pots, pots hit knives, knives cut rags. (SPTirish@aol.com)

The first program to result from the merger of the Food Channel and Court TV: "The Homicidal Chef". (HerzogVon@aol.com)

Guy on right: "If you snap me with your towel again, there's going to be trouble." (threetreeshill@yahoo.com)

Caption: In an IRONic moment the Gas Top Chef refused to lose to the Glass Top Chef ever again. (tackajoey@aol.com)

"Yeah, it's the cheese. Right." (bhsmrtgrrl@yahoo.com)

Ed stood in quiet and accepting resignation when he realized what Milton's famous "secret ingredient" really was. (BoyWonder1911@yahoo.com)

"No farting in here! This is a gas stove!" (ListenBucko@yahoo.com)

Francois stared in utter disbelief at the four bloody stumps where his fingers had once been. (BoyWonder1911@yahoo.com)

"You toucha my pasta? BAM!" (robertellingsworth@yahoo.com)

Iron Chef - Denny's (mwatts@nhtrico.com)

B: "So, do you want to learn how I make 'Le Soilent Green Especiale'?" (noveed@yahoo.com)

The producers of this week's segment of "Dueling Chefs" HAD labeled it 'Canoli Vs. Creme Brulee', but were secretly hoping for 'Blood Pudding Vs. Brains' in order to boost the ratings. (paracletus3@aol.com)

"I am so upset over what you call 'beef stroganoff'..that I could just punch myself in the nose and stab my own ass!" (breadmaker1123@yahoo.com)

"..oh man boss, you don't need a tissue, you need a pair of pliers !!!!" (allen018@aol.com)

"How many times do I have to tell you, Pierre, we aren't allowed to eat on the job because we do not have mouths!" (breadmaker1123@yahoo.com)