(updated 5 Jun 08)  

Top Ten Less Than Desirable Jobs To Have Had In King Henry VIII's Court
(Topic suggested by arlenekader@aol.com)

Oy...someone's head should roll for these...

Head Nurse (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

Division Head (seeker@vcoms.net)

Head Chef (ReineDeDouleur@yahoo.com; reidayork@aol.com)

Head Waiter (rod.renner@juno.com)

Head Janitor (stan@squidworks.com; skibip@aol.com)

Head Usher (woactome@yahoo.com)

Being the King's Head Clerk. (mashallaha@aol.com)

Head Catcher and Splatter Guard. (rider1@dishmail.net)

The court jester who was so funny people laughed their heads off. (tphyll@aol.com)

And someone should brush up on history...

Cleaning the blue blood off the blade on the guillotine. (retrometro@rogers.com)

Now the real list...

10. Marriage counselor (WJKbase@aol.com; tphyll@aol.com)

9. Ye Ol Ax Sharpener -- one more wife to be beheaded and he'll have to call the 800 number for Ginzu ("never need sharpening!) Knives. (The operators are standing by, but since the King has just winked at 'em, not for long!) (sadsack59@hotmail.com)

8. Royal Belly Flap Lifter & Chamber Pot Bearer. (gerg17@comcast.net)

7. Theme song writer... I mean what kinda crap is I'm Henry the Eighth I am... He should have got the guy who did Darth Vader's theme. (Grad2b2002@aol.com)

6. His Majesty's King Henry VIII's "Cod Piece Fluffer". (DOrr221@comcast.net)

5. Royal Raker of Beard Crumbs (necrodyne@excite.com)

4. Matchmaker (tphyll@aol.com; YeIIowRoseOTX@aol.com)

3. Press Secretary (tphyll@aol.com)

2. Henry's Wife (arlenekader@aol.com; rampage1984@msn.com)

Sure, there's not much job security but it's a pretty easy gig...

1. Queen's Astrologer (seeker@vcoms.net)