(updated 10 May 03)  

Top Ten Other Changes To Playboy Besides Having The Models Pose Clothed

10. Replace Hugh Hefner with Charlie Sheen! (myhellogorgeous@aol.com)

9. Tipper Gore will be picking out what the models wear. (gonnabmeeee@aol.com)

8. Ads for little known products, now that all the major advertisers have pulled out. (dinosaur1972@aol.com)

7. New "Playboy for Kids" section. (laugh@starpower.net)

6. Hugh Hefner Exposed!!! Count the Wrinkles! (kintzer@hotmail.com)

5. There must be at least one girl with REAL boobs and their real hair color in every issue! (kozmoclear@aol.com)

4. Backlash rule: If you have been on a reality show before, Playboy will not accept you. (ldolphin34@hotmail.com)

3. It will no longer be against the rules for models' IQs to be higher than their bra size. (Georges101@aol.com)

2. Putting the bankruptcy management team in place. (Pootybrew@earthlink.net)

Well, the name may have changed, but the concept's the same...

1. Title change to "PlaywithyourselfloserBoy". (tpep19@aol.com)