(updated 21 Mar 03)  

Top Ten Pickup Lines In An Insane Asylum

10. Let's switch my Thorazine for some Viagra, then we can f@#! like "crazy." (Mistahtom@aol.com)

9. Hey, wanna hear this song I wrote for you? When a manic loves a wooooooooooman.... (SpinyNorma@aol.com)

8. Crazy, Hell yeah I'm crazy, about that ASS! (JayHawkWDS@aol.com)

7. You know, if you take enough Librium, I'm really a pretty nice guy! (craigieb@aol.com)

6. Can I buy you a drink? Can I buy you a drink? Shut up...I asked first! (avit.web@verizon.com)

5. You have beautiful eyes. Could I make a necklace out of them? (Truckerex@wmconnect.com)

4. I was watching you in the meds line and thought to myself, "There's a babe that swallows." (seeker@vcoms.net)

3. Why don't you rest your hand and let ME do that for you? (amazingpfil@yahoo.com)

2. Wanna come by and see my pad...ded room? (chharget@aol.com)

Hmmm...telling all the Napoleons just might be an all day job...

1. I was telling Napoleon just the other day that it was about time we got some babes in here. (seeker@vcoms.net)

The Ones That Almost Made It