(updated 24 Jul 03)  

Top Ten Rejected Titles for the "Joey from the 'Friends' Show" Spin-off

10. Dude, Where's My Friends? (razcactus@netzero.com)

9. Now Whose Food Do I Eat? (bongobill0767@aol.com)

8. The Joey From the 'Friends' Show Show (lhill@maguiregroup.com;e-marlon@sio.midco.net)

7. The So Not Tony Danza Show (guitartexn@aol.com)

6. Just Cancel Me (joseph.blevins@verizon.net)

5. Howyoudoin? (osuave@hotmail.com; Khaki44@aol.com)

4. The "Just Not As Funny Without The Other Five" Sitcom (bongobill0767@aol.com)

3. Friend (rsherman@netplexgroup.com)

2. Everybody Loves Doofus (jeanjeanbsmyth@aol.com)

Hey, he might play dumb...but he's not stupid...

1. The Thirty Minutes You'll Never Get Back Show (chaucer101@aol.com)