(updated 8 Nov 03)  

Top Ten Things President Bush Said While Speaking To Small Business Owners In Birmingham, Alabama, Monday

"Y'all ought to give Mike Price a job, and put him in charge of your office parties." (skibip@aol.com)

"My tax cuts have really improved the economy - I passed three new Wal-Marts under construction on the outskirts of town here." (BPaul317@aol.com)

"ROLL TIDE!" (kelley_simpson@hotmail.com)

"The only thing I really know about Alamamanians is that, here in Birmingham, you love the governor. True? True? True?" (monetmonet@artlover.com)

"Finally, people who understand me when I speak". (bchbums99@cox-internet.com)

"It's the 'Mom and Pop' businesses that are the fabric of our nation- the little fellers that may not have even reached their second billion in sales yet..." (monetmonet@artlover.com)

"Now I know why Jethro Tull wrote that song 'Sweet Home Alabama'!" (m.giunta@comcast.net)

"To get the tax cuts, you gotta get rich FIRST." (MooseSpeak@earthlink.net)

"Whee doggies! They didn't tell me some of you small business owners would be just as tall as me!" (mrsbrak@fastmail.fm)

That's right...we are trying our best to keep the little guy in the forefront...

"My administration is funding an initiative to subsidize 500 new Wal-Marts in your fine state, this will give more of you little businesses a chance to set up in the front of ‘em like those optical offices and such." (monetmonet@artlover.com)