(updated 24 Aug 05)  

Top Ten Things That Sound Dirty In Bowling, But Aren't
(Topic Suggested by Maxcell200@aol.com)

The Ones That Almost Made It:

Everyone ends up having to handle deadwood in their back end at some point in the evening. (MedCheryl@aol.com)

Can I wax your lane? (shep@peoplepc.com)

You're holding the balls alright, but your fingers are too far in the hole! (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

My husband has large blue balls, but I prefer the small ones when I'm scoring. (sis15oktt@aol.com)

Alright guys, tonight we throw balls against the ladies. (nstn@staefarm.com)

I have got hot balls tonight! (nstn@statefarm.som)

Your hole is way too tight for me. (shep@peoplepc.com)

After too many beers at the alley, I ended up in the gutter all night long. (manpretty@gmail.com)

The more your balls strike the more you score. (sburgett@gmail.com)

Your balls are too heavy...that's why they hit the ground so hard. (jisargent66@yahoo.com)

You should have seen me last night, I handled my balls better than I ever have before. (nstn@statefarm.com)