(updated 27 Dec 03)  

Top Ten Things Overheard in the Christmas Return Line
(Topic suggested by Sugarbaybee69@aol.com

The Ones That Almost Made It:

By the time I reach the counter, this gift will be in style again. (GerriHan65@aol.com)

It fits, but I need the money! (Airfarcewon@aol.com)

He meant well, but I didn't really need another copy of the Paris Hilton tape. (Patterson8040@aol.com)

A sixty year old woman saying, "I know I told those youngsters I wanted something to make me feel younger, but thong underwear is going to far!" (Imalilmilkdud@aol.com)

What the hell am I gonna do with a burnoose? (cmndrnineveh@aol.com)