Tweak Of The Week CXII: Sweet Stench of Success
(Updated 3 Aug 05)

Last time around we wanted you to take a celebrity...real or fictional, alive or dead...create a fragrance for them and also a slogan to go with it. You guys really came out smelling like a rose with your creations...altho I highly doubt most would be used even tho a few would really sell if you ask me.

007: With a scent like this you could have Pussy Galore! by James Bond (

Love Stinks.... the Jennifer Aniston signature fragrance, makes your Pitts smell Brad, oops I mean bad... (

Garlic Nocturne - This musky perfume will IMPALE your lover and bring him down for the COUNT! (

Blonde Emission: A spritz for a ditz, by Jessica Simpson (

Breath of Shortness: Helps you smell a "Little" better..fragrance by Gary Coleman (

Mission Possible: Guaranteed to attract younger women by Tom Cruise (

Who Farted?: The surprising new fragrance by Pete Townsend. (

Leaving from an Italian stench: Stallone's Arrivederci Aroma. (

Scent of a Woman: It over(re)acts to your skin, HOO HA! From Pacino, for Men. (

Dr Seuss Presents..."Hell of a Smell" Gather DJ, CJ, Matt and Mel. I've got a little story to tell. It's about a cologne we're attempting to sell. It's cool, crisp and refreshing as well. Oh, and it makes chicks horny, That's a "Hell of a Smell". (

The Chocolate Olfactory: The sweet smell of confection for the promise of affection, by Willy Wonka. (

Abraham Stinkin': Combining the irresistible aromas of logs and gunpowder, this historic fragrance will keep your suitors honest. (

Uplifting - "a scientific, aromatic concoction that replaces anti-depressants" by Tom Cruise (

High Voltage...a fragrance that will have the whole village chasing Dr Frankenstein (

"Guilty but Free"... a tantalizing fragrance by Michael Jackson, with a robust, secretive scent that will drive wild (

BALKAN PUNK: When you think he's avoiding you like the Prince Ferdinand (

Bet On it: Take a gamble with this chancy scent by Pete Rose (

The Scenter of Attention: If you want to smell just like Shaquille O'Neal . . (

Playdough: an enticing aroma of a remembered child...hood by Michael Jackson (

Gravity: a fragrance you'll fall for by Isaac Newton (

Cent Of Man: Attracts those high rollers, perfume by Anna Nicole Smith (

DICK: Dab a little of Dick Cheney's manly scent on your "undisclosed location" for a heart-stopping experience for one or both of you. (

Stinking Infidels: an illusive fragrance by Osama Bin Ladin (

"Raisin a Stink" I KNOW perfume-I've STUDIED perfume! by Tom Cruise (

A fragrance from Mets starter Kaz Ishii-- Ishii or Isn't She -- only the bullpen "nose" for sure! (

Laura Bush..."Eau de Bush"...Dare to try the scent of Bush. (

ROVE: The right fragrance for the right minded man. Whether you're lying on your yacht or lying to the public, Karl Rove's new scent is right for you. Designer bottle sort of guaranteed to almost never leak. (

The runner-up, who gets 30 Rat's Asses and an origami from off the list...

To-Pay: Cover yourself in the rich smell of success. A fragrance by Donald Trump (

And our co-winners, who each get a lovely Charmin "big fat roll" toilet paper holder...along with 50 Rat's Asses...

Mike Tyson's newest fragrance, Eau D'ear. It takes the fight out of 'em! (

Odor In The Court: You'll get no objections. Men's cologne by Judge Joseph Wapner (endorsed by Dustin Hoffman, definitely, for about $100) (

The prize this time around is a cheap old paperback that I must have picked up at a library sale...BUT it does tie in nicely with this week's Tweak...and that's all that counts. It's H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds"...which its pre-quel was probably "The Disagreement of the Worlds" but that didn't sell anywhere as well. Anyway, this thing is old and used and has all kinds of wrinkles and even a sticky tape residue on the back...and it was once owned by some guy named William McClafferty...but it can be yours IF you win the Tweak this time around. (Photo to follow shortly.) Watched Films

What we want you to do is to take any movie and then do a pre-quel to it. Hey, if George Lucas can do, so can we. Just keep in mind the new title has to have come before/happened prior to the original's title in some way (time-wise). We would also need a plot that goes hand in hand with the new film title...and if you can tie the new film's plot in with the original you are parodying (by title and/or concept) all's the better. Try to keep the changed title pretty close to the original...please don't alter it so that it doesn't remotely resemble the original title...half the funny is subtle changes. And as always, witty, funny, off-the-wall entries are what we are looking for. Please include both movie titles with your entry. Confused? Just look below for some examples I did which hopefully helps you out.


Super Size Me - Medium Me: A documentary of a guy who really shoulda seen no one cares what moderately sized meal he eats at McDonalds.

Catch Me If You Can - Find Me If You Can: The search is on for Leonardo DiCaprio's acting ability after he did an exemplary performance in 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'...and why exactly is he cashing all those huge checks NOW?

The Wedding Planner - The Engagement Planner: J Lo spends pretty much half her life planning for weddings she'll never see to fruition.