Tweak Of The Week LXXII: We've Got A Point
(Updated 20 Jul 03)

Last week we asked you to come up with a name for our "soon to be" given out "earned point" system. We had plenty of entries, but we narrowed it down to the following.

Since the site is HMO, the points could be referred to as "copay". (;

Nubbins: A kinder, gentler point. (

Heckos (

Humoleans (

Here are a few we liked who really got descriptive:

Kitsches: Because, as much as you want to throw them away, you know they'll be worth something eventually. (

You could call the points "tons" and HMO could be the place for "tons of fun" If you win, then you'd trade in your "tonnage". (

Perhaps, we could refer to the points as hmoroflmao(s). Hell, it's easier than pronouncing the symbol which will replace the name hmoroflmaos after they become popular, sell lots of singles ("tonight we're gonna party like we're points from h.m.o..."), and star in a movie featuring a babe like Apollonia Katero. (

Doobers: There is a story here. Being in the military in a highly deployable unit you always have a pocket full of multi-colored bills from one country or another with no idea what to call them. Doobers was quickly adopted, as in "Hey dude how many doobers make a dollar here?" usual answer: "I have no idea...where the hell are we?" (

These points shall be known as boogers. You may want to blow your boogers right away on a smaller prize, or save them up for a chance to pick the big one. Keep track of your boogers by sticking a running total of them under your desk or chair. If your entries don't merit any boogers this time, you can still breath easy because it's not over. Everybody knows the next Tweak is a chance to finger a new winner! (

They may, in your infinite wisdom, be dubbed, 'chuckles'. Ten 'chuckles' would then be worth one 'giggle', ten 'giggles' being configured so as to be as valuable as one 'bellylaugh'. 'Chortles' are usually counterfeit, so we need not deal in or about or with them here, nor shall we ever, no. (

We've decided to do something quite different here at the Tweak this week...since you really are the ones who make this website funny, you should be the ones to vote which terminology you would like the "points" to be known as. We took the liberty of narrowing it down to the following two...with a little commentary on each one. After next week, when the voting is done, you have only yourselves to blame.

We here at HMO thought of this one right off the bat, and a few of you suggested this as well, but since we only acknowledge the first two players who submit...

HMOney (;

This one sure is good...keep in mind we'd have to put that "Other sites might not give one, but here at HMO...we give a 'Rat's Ass'" clarification on the home page and all...

I suggest you give 'Rat's Asses'. (

Because the voting counter can be manipulated by multiple voting , we are asking you to send your vote in to us via the Tweak entry box.

The prizes this week are rather a mixed bag of sorts. No, no - don't get excited, no more pear bags this week...we sense your collective disappointment. One is a CD sampler, again generously given to us by ...the other is a brightly painted (possibly hand-painted) napkin holder in the form of a shrimp. This, of course, would blend in with any decor...but especially so if you have none. It can stand upright, apparently just in case you would love to put it on the shelf with all your other arthropod/sealife collectibles. These two great prizes can be yours if you win this week's Tweak.

Cheap Skills

This week's Tweak was suggested by, and for doing so, they win an origami creation. What it is about is fairly simple...we've all known people who were pretty cheap, or maybe you yourself are the cheapskate...well here's your chance to capitalize off of frugalness. We want you to come up with clever, funny, or otherwise just plain outrageous ways a person might stretch that almighty buck...far further than it was ever intended to go. Now, we've seen this type of contest/email done before, but we really want original ideas...and we know you can come up with great ones. Below are a couple examples (the first one is MedCheryl's...the next two are mine) to help you get those creative juices (watered down, of course) flowing...

Instead of buying bicycle chains at your local bike shop, simply make them out of recycled soda can pop-tops!

When the jelly/jam/preserve is all gone from the jar, just add some water to it, shake it up really well...and voila...tasty fruit juice that is both nutritious and delicious!

When you stay at a motel, or go to a friend's house, always remember to bring along a couple burnt-out bulbs with you. You can always swap the good ones out and no one will ever catch on you did it.