Tweak Of The Week LXXVIII: Questions...Not Answers III
(Updated 21 Sep 03)

A little over a week ago we asked you to come up with some questions for our provided "Jeopardy-esque" answers. We really enjoyed it again (we hope you did, too), and had a hard time deciding upon the winner.

To catch a falling star: Why does anyone watch "Gigli"? (

Drop and give me 20: What is a hooker's favorite pickup line? (

I Do I Do I Guess: What did J Lo say at her last three weddings? (

Because it was on fire: What did Michael Jackson ask his brother, Jermaine, why he was roasting marshmallows next to his head? (

Totally A-maize-ing: What would you call crop circles in a cornfield? (

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rumsfeld: How would you order two prostitutes and some Jamaican booze at a Republican fund raiser? (

Totally a-maize-ing: What is Nebraska's new state motto? (

The gift of flab: What does Mrs. Claus get for Christmas every year? (

Midget Freak Boa: Who is most likely to win the California recall election? (

The Gift of Chocolate: What is the most depressing 5th anniversary gift to someone allergic to Xanthines? (

Not exactly a James Michener novel: How would you describe a book about Polynesian Prostitutes entitled, "Tails of the South Pacific"? (

Just add Chocolate: What words are embroidered on the back of Roseanne Barr's jeans? (

Drop and give me 20: What did the female personal trainer say to Long Dong Silver? (

Crash Test Yummies: What is the name of new snack foods served on American Airlines? (

Yu-Gi-Oh Yoko: Who was blamed for breaking-up Pokemon mania? (

Too good to be shrew: How can you tell when you're eating 'possum pie? (

Because it wasn't there: Why did John Wayne Bobbit go to the hospital? (

Mourning becomes Carmen Electra: What was the only known collaborative effort between Georges Bizet and Richard Strauss? (

The New Mattel Barbie-Q: What do Barbie and her friends use for their outdoor Coo-KEN? (

Definitely a waste of good skin: What is the comment most muttered by Gentiles at a bris? (

Totally a-maize-ing: Hey, how was that Korn concert? (

The runner-up...who wins an origami creation...

Twin Peaks Of Otter: What Mae West-ern Bedford County, Virginia be most famous for? (Why not come up and see'em, sometime?) (

Our winner...who is "lucky" enough to get that scünci hair clip, sight unseen, as we were too to even scan it this time around...

To catch a falling star: What is the main function of the Betty Ford Clinic? (

The prize (and prize write-up) this time around is going to be one you've seen before (a couple times)...a drink hugger. But it's no ordinary drink hugger thing, it's one that you pop in the freezer before has this lining with a freezer substance in it (which I am sure is toxic, so don't do anything stupid with it)...which keeps your drink cold for probably an unknown amount of time. It looks to be marketed by a manufacturer known as "The Fridge"...and you can rest assured this must keep it cold, as it was made by our northern friends, Canada. This fabulous prize can be yours if you win this week's Tweak.

Play...boy What Were We Thinking???

Well, it seems Playboy is on the lookout for "Women of Walmart" for an upcoming photo shoot. If they decided to only look here, Playboy would be setting a new sales record...for the LEAST sold month of all time. But, that's neither here nor got us thinking that we could do a Tweak "take-off" (Get it, take off? Oh forget it) on this, and so we are. What we want you to do is to come up with some Playboy "Women Of......" that hopefully would never be done...then give it a funny, witty, silly tagline...if you can tie it back into the "Of" place somehow using something they are known for...all the better...but please change it at least a tad. No idea what I'm talking about? Check out my son's example below ...I only provided one...didn't want to be a "Spread Hog".

Women of Walmart: Our Prices Aren't the Only Things Falling