Tweak Of The Week LXXIX: Play...boy What Were We Thinking???
(Updated 6 Oct 03)

Last time around we asked you to come up with a Playboy pictorial that just shouldn't happen...then write a silly, funny ad-line to go with it.

Women of Exxon: Get Ready For Some Self-Service! (

Women Truck Drivers: These Gals Haul a Lotta Ass (

Women of the Credit Card Industry: You're already Pre-Approved! (

Women Of KFC: Not Just Finger Lickin' Good! (

Women Of the Former Soviet Union Olympic Teams: They've Got Balls (

Women of Humor Me Online: Trust Us, You'll Be Laughing. P.S: No offense. I've never seen any of you, so feel free to send scantily clad pics of yourselves to (

Women of Dentistry: Guaranteed to Keep You Smiling. :) (

Women of Arthur Andersen: "We're Good At Faking It." (

Women of Viagra: You'll Have a Hard Time Resisting Us (

Women of Burger King: Look at These Whoppers! (

Playboy's Women of...the Coroners Office: "Making Every Man Stiff" (

Women of Skippy: For That Smooth Spread! (

Women of the White House: They Support Bush (

Women of Yale: Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Bare (

Women of Taxidermy: They Know How to Preserve the Moment (

Women of Weight Watchers: Losing Your Appetite For Sex Just Got Easier! (

Women of the IRS: You Can Bet They'll Screw You! (

The winner of that freezable drink huggie...

Women of Kmart: Because They Really Do Suck (

The prize this week is a little white stuffed bear from Russ about four inches tall sporting a "GET WELL SOON" shirt. It would have made a perfect gift to send Leis when he was in the hospital, but now since he's out and better never go back in until he's 82, hopefully he won't be needing it. But, it would make a cutesy little thing to give someone you love or deeply care about if they are under the weather...or even your boss if you want to score some extra brown-nosing points. Either way, this prize can be yours if you win this week's Tweak.

Defining Moment II

In this Tweak we've done before, we want you to take any actual word from the dictionary, and only changing, adding or subtracting one letter (and only one combinations of the three)...come up with a whole new original word....and give that word a definition based on how it now reads. Please also include with your entry, the original "real" word as well (I don't want to burn out my brain trying to decipher which word you changed).  For example:

Problem -- Proplem: In acting - when you fumble around with a prop which won't do what it's supposed to do.

Recipes -- Precipes: Meals you try out on your family before ever preparing them for guests.

School -- Scool: A place of learning where only the really "in" kids attend.