Tweak Of The Week XC: Questions...Not Answers IV
(Updated 4 Apr 04)

Last time around (yes, I know - long time ago) - we had given you some "answers", and you had to come up with the "questions" to go with them...a la Jeopardy!-style. Since we let this contest run a while, we have many mentions...and a couple winners. We did not put these in any order than same you could read them more easily.

Lover's Leap Year: Why does the unlucky male only get laid once every 4 years? (

Cash and Kerry: What are the names of a singer who is dead, and a politician who looks like he is. (

Cash and Kerry: What will it take to correct America's current situation? (

Sex on Normandy Beach: What many WWII Vets thought was impossible till the discovery of Viagra. (

A rusty spork: What did Sulu say about Leonard Nimoy's acting ability during the first Star Trek reunion film? (

A rusty spork: What will archaeologists never find in thousand year old landfills? (

It's all on the up and up: What's happening to the price of gasoline? (

Last man standing: What form of elimination test is used to find male actors for adult movies? (

Last man standing: What is the rejected slogan for women's dodge ball championships? (

Room with a déjà vu: Where are they going to lock up David Crosby after his latest arrest? (

Room with a déjà vu: What does Shirley MacLaine look for when buying a house? (

Chips Ahoy, me mateys: What was Nabisco's failed attempt to capitalize on Pirates of the Caribbean? (;

Death by Chocolate: What is a sweet way to die? (

Death by Chocolate: What is the harshest sentence in Hershey, Pennsylvania? (

Pork and Beantown: How does Ted Kennedy get cash for local projects through Congress? (

Living Evita Loca: What was Madonna doing when she mistakenly thought she'd win an Oscar for portraying Eva Peron? (

The quest for intelligent life: What is the "purpose" of the primaries? (

The Great Brain Robbery: What crime was Jessica Simpson a victim of? (

The Great Brain Robbery: What was reality television originally called? (

Sci-Fi Foe Fum: What was the industry's nickname for Irwin Allen's "Land of the Giants"? (

Dumb like it hot: What is a redneck in a pepper eating contest? (

Ben Her: How would Mr. Affleck prefer the credits read on his and J-Lo's upcoming flick, "Jersey Girl"? (

There's always room for J Lo: What is the new slogan for Hane's "Just My Size" pants, now with extra room in the seat? (

Everglade Room Fresheners: What's the best thing for eliminating alligator shoe odor? (

Just having a Bond moment: What did Martha say when they let her out of jail? (

Just having a Bond moment: What do you call it when you have superglued your fingers together? (

Anne Rice-a-Roni: What San Francisco treat is served at night with stake and garlic? (

Anne Rice-a-Roni: What do you serve with a Bloody Mary? (

Because it was theirs: Why did the Native Americans put up such a fuss when Columbus discovered the US.? (

Our runner-ups, who won 25 Rat's Asses and an origami:

Chips ahoy, me mateys: What does a sailor say when he wins a poker hand? (

Chips ahoy, me mateys: How do pirates get out of sand traps? (

And our winners...who each will receive the 2-set of CDs (maybe not exactly those, but they will receive two, nonetheless) and 30 RA's:

It's all on the up and up: Why is the "and away!" unimportant to Superman? (

The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner: What are poems written about Seattle's Edgar Martinez? (

Death by Chocolate: If such was the case, what might be an execution choice by Anna Nicole? (

The prize this time around is a 4-piece set of Reusable Sticky Stencils - a Christmas motif. From what I gather from reading the are supposed to put them on your window or mirror, spray them with foam snow, and then remove the stencil...leaving behind a snowy image of said stencil. Now you might ask yourself "Why is HMO giving away Christmas stencils when it's only April?"...and we would reply, "No, it's not because that will be the next time Tweak probably gets's because Lowe's had them on sale for next to nothing and I bought them." So, there you have it - the basis for the majority of things given away here...other than things I've found around the house. But I am sure you could use these for other holidays, only I haven't been able to think of one...regardless, they will be yours if you win this week's Tweak. (Photo to follow shortly.)

What Are The Odds?

Well, this time we thought we'd do a pretty simplistic Tweak. This is something that I came up with while thinking of a more difficult Tweak idea, but upon deciding against it, decided this might be at least easier and perhaps more fun. Whew! Anyway, what we want you to do this time around is to give us a funny, bizarre or witty (notice I didn't say "off the wall" that time around) stance on "what the odds" of something happening in your daily life is...but expound on it a little...or maybe better yet, a lot. Anyway, I came up with a couple examples below, that may or may not have ever happened to me...this give you some idea of what I was asking for.


What are the odds of, when having cats, that in the dark you will step on something soft and fuzzy, like a balled-up sock...and jump about three feet in the air thinking you just stepped on one of them, or worse yet, something half eaten they drug inside.

What are the odds of you stubbing your bare toe on the leg of the enormous table in your living room, that you haven't moved in five years, in broad daylight, when you are carrying something you don't want to drop.