Feel free to do one or more dialogue bubbles, or even just a caption for the below cartoon.

The New Cartoon:

We here at HMO are pleased to feature original cartoons created by Stu Rees, which can be viewed in their entirety at Stu's Views. 

How it Works: Come up with an original funny caption and/or balloon dialogue to try to "Top Stu". In other words, add some dialogue and/or a caption. If it is a simple caption...just type in the new caption in the "submit" box. If there are one or more balloon(s), please insert them in the "submit" box labelled as such (left to right) A, B, etc. (include the dialogue for each).  If you also wish to include a caption at the bottom of the cartoon, please label it "Caption". If you also wish the characters to speak...as if word balloons were present when none are, please label the dialogue, left to right A, B, etc. The winner will receive a signed print of the cartoon with the new caption inserted.

(When submitting multiple entries, please send them one at a time.)

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